Gazebo Re-thatch / Thatch to Cedar Roof Conversion

Chiltern Garden Buildings specialise in re-thatching and refurbishing gazebos by the following manufacturers:​

  • Beach Hut Leisure

  • Breeze House

  • Crown Pavilions

  • Evolution Designs

  • Julian Christian

  • The Lapa Company

We offer a complete refurbishment service as well as a range of accessories including,

infra-red heaters, spotlight kits, replacement canvas roof linings, canvas side panels with optional fitted windows, seat and back-rest cushions and toughened glass table-tops.


With our expertise and knowledge, we can bring new life and beauty back to your thatched gazebo whatever its current condition.


Our nationwide service includes thatch to cedar roofing conversion, re-thatching, replacement building components and furniture, timber preparation and treatment.

Re-thatching &

Cedar shingle roofing

Re-thatching includes roof preparation and installing the thatch and disposing of the old thatch. We manufacture Cedar Shingle Roofs for all circular garden buildings by all manufacturers as a replacement for thatched roofs. This comprises of an entire new roof handmade in our workshop and installed in place of your current thatched roof on site. Cedar Shingle Roofs have a lifespan of 20 + years.

Refurbishment Services

Chiltern Garden Buildings offer a complete refurbishment service nationwide. Our service includes replacement building components, furniture, timber treatment and protection. To refurbish your building, we begin by giving the timber a light sanding and complete the process by applying a quality wood preservative. This process will not only maintain the buildings appearance but will give the structure long lasting protection from the elements. As an alternative to rethatching, we are able to supply replacement Cedar Shingle roofing on any circular building from all manufacturers.

For all enquiries, including help and advice, please contact us

Other Services

Part Exchange – we will take your old garden building (whatever its condition) giving you up to 10% discount in part exchange for any gazebo from our range. Please contact us for more information.


Building Relocation – If you are planning to move house and want to take your thatched gazebo with you, we offer a relocation service. Your garden building will be dismantled, taken back to our workshop where any repairs and timber treatment will be carried out. Your building will be kept in storage for up to 4 weeks and then delivered and installed with a new thatched or Cedar shingle roof at your new address.

Cape Reed Thatch

This thatch is solid throughout. It is hard-wearing, long lasting and requires no special maintenance. This natural material is sourced from South Africa and comes as standard on all buildings.

Cedar Shingle Roof

Western Red Cedar Shingles are offered as an alternative to thatch.This beautiful extremely durable timber with its natural preservative elements is low maintenance and will last for decades.We manufacture Cedar Shingle Roofs for all circular garden buildings by all manufacturers as a replacement for thatched roofs. This comprises of an entire new roof handmade in our workshop and installed in place of your current thatched roof on site.  Cedar Shingle Roofs have a lifespan of 20 + years.

Re-thatch / Cedar Roofing Process

Below are stage by stage photographs showing the process involved in re-thatching and replacing the roof of garden buildings from various manufacturers. 

Beach Hut Leisure Miami Building Thatch to Cedar Shingle Roof Conversion

Original condition

Stage 2

Stage 4

Stage 1

Stage 3


Julian Christian Winchester Gazebo roof lining replacement and re-thatch

Original condition

Stage 2

Stage 1


Beach Hut Leisure Miami Building Thatch to cedar

Original condition

Stage 2

Stage 4

Stage 1

Stage 3


Breeze House Savannah building.

Timber refurbishment, new canvas lining and re-thatch.

Original condition

Stage 2

Stage 1


Rethatch of a Tiki Hut.

Original condition

Stage 2

Stage 1

Stage 3


Beach Hut Leisure Miami Gazebo

Thatch roof conversion to Cedar shingle roof.

Original condition

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4



How do I protect and look after my building and the furniture?

Please click here for building maintenance advice.

Do you offer a service to refurbish the buildings?

Yes - Chiltern Garden Buildings offers a full refurbishment service including rethatching and replacement Cedar Shingle roofing for all thatched gazebos from the following manufacturers: Beach Hut Leisure, Breeze House, Crown Pavilions, Evolution Designs, Julian Christian, the Lapa Company and Teak House.

Do you sell Accessories?

Yes - We supply a complete range of accessories including infra-red heaters (made in the UK), LED spot light sets, cushions, canvas’s with windows and canvas’s roof linings for all buildings all at very competitive rates. Please contact us with your requirements.


Can I change my thatch roof to a Cedar Shingle roof?

Yes, we offer a service to replace your thatch roof with a new Cedar Shingle roof.

To change your roof from thatch to Cedar we will need to make a complete new timber roof which replaces the original roof.

Please contact us with your building dimensions to discuss further.  


How do I keep my canvas clean?

Canvas care

To remove any stains use warm soapy water and a clean cloth and rinse with clean water afterwards.

Stains from products containing oil and grease should be removed with a spirit-based solution.

How do I look after my cushions?

Cushion care

Wipe frequently with a damp cloth to maintain the appearance of the fabric.

Spillages should be removed immediately with a clean absorbent cloth.

Most stains can be removed using cold/warm water and a clean microfibre cloth.

Stains from products containing oil and grease should be treated with a spirit-based solution.

If soap-based cleaners are used, all soap residues must be rinsed from the fabric.


Do we need planning consent for the building?

Planning permission is not required for our buildings, as they are free standing and not classed as a fixed structure. If you live in a conservation area you should check with your local planning office.


Do we need to lay down a base?

The building can be sited on an existing paved area or decking provided it is in good all-round order. For new bases a 4 inch concrete slab is required.

Which Timber are the buildings made from?

FSC Scandinavian Redwood/Canadian Western Red Cedar


Lifespan of the building?

With the minimum of aftercare your building will last for many years


How long does installation take?

Installations are usually completed within a day


What are the canvases made from?

12-ounce Regentex cotton that is flame-retardant and waterproof.


Can I choose more than 1 colour for my canvas or cushions?

Yes, the standard colour for our canvases is dark sand or olive green. Our luxury cushions fabrics are available from a choice of 30 colour options.


Power supply for heater or lights?

We supply both infra-red heaters and spotlights for your building which requires an armoured cable to supply electricity to the building. 


How do I place my order?

To place an order for a building please telephone our office on 01491 832420 or email


What is the delivery and installation lead time?

Usually 2-4 weeks


Can you create a bespoke garden gazebo?

Yes, we can tailor any building from our range to your personal requirements.


How far do you travel for rethatching/building installations?

We offer a nationwide service.


How much is delivery and installation?

Rethatch work or building installation is included in the price.

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